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Pit Liners

Buy pit liners, containment liners and lagoon liners online at www.InlandTarp.com.  We help you reduce pit liner installation time by manufacturing large one piece liners up to 150,000 sq ft.  Place your order and your liner is shipped quickly... usually within one business day. 


 Large sized pit liners, oilfield and gas field containment liners,

 Gas drilling pit liner

 Large waste water containment ponds

Pit liners are purchased primarily for containment while drilling gas or oil wells. We provide high quality pit liners at competitive prices.  We challenge you to give us a call and compare.


Call us  if your usual supplier cannot get it to you quick enough!  Inland Tarp & Liner, LLC can produce truckload quantities in a quick turnaround time.  Our plant uses the latest technology to produce high quality welds that our QA department inspect and test on a defined frequency.


Pond liners are usually specified by material and thickness using mils or 1000ths of an inch. Our standard pond liners are made from 12 mil CWPE , 16 mil CWPE, 20 mil CWPE, 24 mil CWPE, 30 mil CWPE or 30 mil LT CWPE material that is coated black on both sides plus 30mil and 40mil black nonwoven fabric.

To Order: Visit InlandTarp.com.

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